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, it looks like you are a good fit for the stated income program. Below is your stated income report. below is your state income report.
(a full report has been emailed to you as well)

Self Employment -

You are self employed, congratulations! That is one of the principal requirements of stated income loans. Many self employed have complicated tax situations and stated income loans are a way to show you have the means to make payments on a mortgage outside of traditional income.

The main item lenders review are 12-24 months of businesses bank statements to see the flow of money in and out of your accounts.

If you are not self-employed there is still a chance to qualify for a stated income loan based on your assets. Lenders will review your liquid assets and determine the amount you would qualify to borrow. However if you are a W-2 employee with no other income or liquid assets, a stated income loan may not be the best fit for you.

Home Purchase History -

Detail about mortgage program in case of YES

Detail about mortgage program in case of NO

Funding Time Frame

Mortgage programs and rates are adjusting all the time. Your time frame should help get your locked in with current programs and rates.

Mortgage programs and rates are adjusting all the time. Due to your longer horizon you may be at risk of stated income program adjustments along with rate adjustments. If at all possible consider this when deciding on a longer term time frame.

Amount Looking to Borrow

Even with stated income loans lenders will be working the numbers to determine your what they call DTI. Your debt to income ratio. Since you are stating income, they will derive much of the estimate from your monthly cash flow versus your expenses on your bank statements. Whatever that number is, they will typically multiply that be 30% to determine what your monthly mortgage payment affordability is.

Estimated Credit Score

Even though it is a stated income program, credit score is still an important item in determining your ability to make your monthly mortgage payments.

Most lenders still are still using a Tri-merge score to determine the number they use for your credit score.


Based on the information provided you seem to be a good fit for the stated income program. A representative that specializes in stated income programs will be texting you shortly to set up a time to discuss the next steps in qualifying for a stated income loan.

Based on the information you provided, a stated income loan may not be the best fit for you and you may want to look into other full documentation loans.

Even with stated income loans, credit score does have impact in the lenders decision. You may want to consider working on getting your score up before applying for a stated income loan.